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1. What is a Cat Cafe?

Half coffee shop with coffee, tea, wine, and beer.  We will also sell pre-packaged sweet and salty snacks from local bakers.  The other half is a cat lounge where we will have up to 20 cats from a local rescue that you can interact with and if you fall in love- adopt!  Our cat cafe will also have merchandise and items for cat lovers.  We will have a separate space for boarding kitties whose families go on vacation called Piper’s Place.  

4. Why aren't there dog cafes?While we love our other four legged friends, we specialize in kitties.  We hope to have “puppy playdates’ once a month with our adoptable doggo friends at the Humane Society of York County out on our patio.

6. Can I bring you a stray cat or a cat I need to re home?

Not at all.  We will have cameras around our building so please do not drop them off either.  We aim to help relieve the Humane Society of York County via fostering 12-20 cats at a time to allow them to have more space for intake.  By promoting positive cat-human relationships we hope to increase cat adoptions all around York County.  Please see our “Community Cat Resources” page for more information

2. Can I bring my cat?

No, while your kitty may be the sweetest, we can not have them interacting with our adoptable cats due to vaccinations and temperaments.  We will have plenty of cat toys and treats for you to bring home to your cat so they aren’t as jealous. 

3. Is it like that TV show called "Call me Kat"?

Yes and No.  Cats will not be allowed on the cafe side, and will not come in contact with the drink or food prep area.  You are allowed to bring your drinks into the cat lounge at your own risk; the cats love to knock things over.

5. Are you handicapp accessible?

Yes!  We passed up many locations that would require stairs for that reason.  Please let us know if you have any other sensory needs and we will try our best to accommodate you.  

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